BY-1532167: Stowbtsy, Belarus

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Postcrossing ID:  BY-1532167
Date Sent:  4 February 2015
Date Received:  28 February 2015
Days Travelled:  24
Distance Travelled:  8,093 km

I always enjoy receiving postcards from Eastern Europe and was very pleased to receive this one, my first from Belarus.  Stowbtsy is a small town of 15,400 located near the capital of Minsk that was founded in 1593.  While a part of the Second Polish Republic, it was the site of a Soviet-Polish border incident in 1924.  A company of 150 Soviet raiders attacked what was then known as Stolpce in order to free two imprisoned communist activists.  The raid ended in the temporary capture of the town as well as the destruction of the police station, railroad station and several houses.

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