Three From New Mexico, U.S.A.

In my continuing effort to clear out a backlog of un-blogged postcards, today I present a trio of cards from New Mexico. I lived in the Albuquerque area between early July 1997 until I moved to southern Thailand in early 2005, following what was originally just a short Christmas vacation. New Mexico remains my favorite amongst all the varied places in which I have spent … Continue reading Three From New Mexico, U.S.A.

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Amazingly, I only added one postcard from Tennessee (and none from Texas) in 2019.  I will have to improve on that in 2020. We moved to the Nashville area around 1973 or 1974 and stayed several months in a hotel near the airport until our home was ready.  We lived for about a year in Hermitage, not far from Andrew Jackson’s mansion.  Our housing development … Continue reading Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Johnson County, Kansas: Courthouse

A two-week party has kicked off in the Midwest region of the United States as the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship Game earlier today and will advance to the Super Bowl, to be played in Miami, Florida on 2 February 2020. Kansas City actually encompasses a huge area, made up of multiple communities in several different counties on both sides of the border … Continue reading Johnson County, Kansas: Courthouse

A Batch of Vintage Cards from Kansas City (Go, CHIEFS!!)

No! The featured image seen above or in the Tweet or Facebook post that led you here is NOT the featured postcard.  I would REALLY love a Kansas City Chiefs card mailed from my former hometown, however, for reasons explained a few paragraphs below. I just mailed my first Postcrossing card in quite some time and it got me to thinking about the vast backlog … Continue reading A Batch of Vintage Cards from Kansas City (Go, CHIEFS!!)

Thailand – Rice Farming in the New Year

Happy New Year! It’s the first day (night) of 2020 and I am hurriedly trying to get this blog entry finished before midnight, culminating a sort of “blogathon”. I had planned to put together a post for my Philatelic Pursuits stamp site but ended up writing two (one of which concerned a large number of “Joyous Occasions” stamps that Australia will unleash upon her citizens … Continue reading Thailand – Rice Farming in the New Year

Thanksgiving Greetings, 1914

I have relatively few Thanksgiving-related stamps and postcards in my collections, especially compared to Christmas items. The United States has not marked the holiday with very many stamps unless you count the various issues dedicated to the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock back in 1620. In fact, one of the more attractive stamps already announced for 2020 will commemorate the 400th anniversary of … Continue reading Thanksgiving Greetings, 1914

A Card from North Korea (Mount Paektu)

I have essentially three types of postcards in my collection — vintage cards obtained through a number of different sources, cards I have bought during my travels throughout the years, and cards sent to me from the places pictured upon them.  It is this latter group that I prize most of all as it is always a delight and often a surprice to receive such … Continue reading A Card from North Korea (Mount Paektu)

150th Anniversary of Postcards: Luzerne, Switzerland

Today, 1 October 2019, is the 150th anniversary of the postcard’s official recognition by a postal administration (that being of Austria-Hungary).  Many celebrations are planned worldwide, with leading the way. Exhibitions of postcards are planned at the headquarters of the Universal Postal Union in Berne as well as at the Museum for Communication in Berlin and elsewhere. Meetings are occurring globally and a number … Continue reading 150th Anniversary of Postcards: Luzerne, Switzerland

St. Patrick, Missouri: Shrine to Saint Patrick

In preparing for today’s article on A Stamp A Day, I realized that I had a St. Patrick’s Day-themed postcard with a nice handstamp and green rubber-stamped cachet obtained way back when I lived in northeastern Kansas. While Kansas certainly had a few ethnic areas (German and Spanish spring immediately to mind), neighboring Missouri seemed unmatched in its cultural diversity especially to this kid who … Continue reading St. Patrick, Missouri: Shrine to Saint Patrick