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BY-1532156: Minsk, Belarus

Postcrossing - White bg

Scan_20150228 (7)

Postcrossing ID:  1532156
Date Sent:nbsp; 4 February 2015
Date Received:  28 February 2015
Days Travelled:  24
Distance Travelled:  8,100 km

On the same day that I received my first postcard from Belarus, I received a second, featuring a drawing of the Central Post Office in Minsk.  Constructed in 1946, this monumental building is considered one of the most beautiful architectural spots in the city.  Independent from the old Soviet Union since 1991, Belarus is a landlocked nation of 9,500,000 people in Eastern Europe that was owned by a number of different countries prior to the twentieth century.  The capital city of Minsk was founded in 1067 and is relatively small with a population of two million. 

Scan_20150228 (8)


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