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LetterMo 2015: Australia – Year of the Goat


Scan_20150217 (49)

This is my first year participating in the Month of Letters Challenge which asks participants to write and mail at least one letter (or card) per business day through the month of February.  I started out strong but have faltered during the last week due to a very busy work schedule.  (I took over as the sole Lower Primary English teacher at the Thai government-run school on a island just to the east of Phuket when the previous teacher quit.)

This lovely Year of the Goat card was the first I received through ‘LetterMo’, a pre-paid postcard produced by Australia Post.  It was sent from Australia on 4 February and arrived in Phuket, Thailand, on 17 February which is fairly speedy based on my recent experiences with international mail.  It’s a lovely card and I have just written a reply (another part of the challenge).

Scan_20150217 (50)-edit


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