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NO-106502: “Anxiety” by Edvard Munch

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Scan_20150217 (41)

Postcrossing ID:  NO-106502
Date Sent:  4 February 2015
Date Received:  17 February 2015
Days Travelled:  13
Distance Travelled:  9,098 km

This Postcrossing card sent from Oslo, Norway, was my 50th received card overall and features a painting by Edvard Munch called “Anxiety”.  Previously, I’d only been aware of his work “The Scream” and this one is very similar, particularly the orange and yellow sky leading to dark purple and black swirls on the ground.  The people pictured in “Anxiety” seem to be on the same bridge as that of the figure on “The Scream”.  This has been identified as being a road overlooking Oslo, the Oslofjord and Hovedøya, from the hill of Ekeberg (where Munch’s sister was a patient in an asylum at the time he painted the scene).

Painted in 1894, “Anxiety”  plays upon collective despair while “The Scream” dealt with the horror experienced in total isolation by a single being.  The sentiment of angst in this work is even more sustained, if less piercing, than in “The Scream,” since its desperation is here borne by a group rather than by an isolated individual.  The original oil on canvas painting, measuring 37 x 28 3/4 inches (94 x 73 cm), is displayed in the Munch Museum at Tøyen.  Opened in 1963, the museum has the broadest collection of Munch’s works in the world.

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