Evolution of the Thai Post Box

In 1880, Chao Muen Samuhjairaj submitted a letter to propose the opening of a post office in Thailand to King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V). The King agreed and appointed His Royal Highness Somdetch Phra Chao Nong Ya Tho Chao Fa Bhanurangsi Swangwong Krom Luang Bhanuphandhuwong Wordej as the first Director-General of the Post Department because of his experience in the distribution of a daily newspaper … Continue reading Evolution of the Thai Post Box

A Postcard A Day #22: 2 March 2021 – The Police Station with a Clock Tower

I’ve spent most of the late afternoon and evening working at my laptop, mostly writing lesson plans plus creating flashcards and other materials to use in upcoming classes. We only have five weeks remaining in the school year and all signs point to it being very busy. Thus, I am taking the “easy way out” on tonight’s post. I just wrote a bit about Phuket … Continue reading A Postcard A Day #22: 2 March 2021 – The Police Station with a Clock Tower

Thailand – Rice Farming in the New Year

Happy New Year! It’s the first day (night) of 2020 and I am hurriedly trying to get this blog entry finished before midnight, culminating a sort of “blogathon”. I had planned to put together a post for my Philatelic Pursuits stamp site but ended up writing two (one of which concerned a large number of “Joyous Occasions” stamps that Australia will unleash upon her citizens … Continue reading Thailand – Rice Farming in the New Year

Postcards FROM Phuket

Like a Phoenix rising out of the flames, erm…. like a pigeon rising from the street, I am am finally sending my first Postcrossing cards since September 25, 2017. I never received a single card from that last (big) batch of cards I sent out and I lost interest for a while; I did a few direct swaps last year but it’s been a while … Continue reading Postcards FROM Phuket

New Year Cards from HM the King (200th Post!)

Yes, this is my 200th post on this, my postcard blog. Postcards To Phuket started out its relatively young life on December 2, 2014, called “Please, Mr. Postman!” a name which I later changed to The Postcard Traveler Blog and recently to its current incarnation. I’ve only changed the basic design twice in three years; I really like how it looks. I just wish I … Continue reading New Year Cards from HM the King (200th Post!)

Back to Our Regular Programming….

It’s already the end of February and I have yet to post anything to this blog. I plan to remedy that situation very soon. Work, and other activities, have intruded upon my postcard-writing. To date, I’ve only sent nine cards this year so far — all through Postcrossing earlier this month. I’ve started receiving emails indicating that several of these postcards have reached their destinations already. … Continue reading Back to Our Regular Programming….

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Today marks the start of the annual Vegetarian Festival (thetsakan gin jeh — เทศกาลกินเจ), Phuket’s version of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爺 —  Jiǔhuángyé in Chinese pinyin or Kow Wong Yeh in Cantonese). This is a nine-day Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar and is widely celebrated throughout Southeast Asia. The biggest (and most dramatic) … Continue reading Phuket Vegetarian Festival