Christmas Postcards: Shepton Mallet, England – “Contrary to Regulations”, 1909

This is an interesting card bearing a ½p green Great Britain KEVII stamp which I recently bid for and won in an eBay auction for just £1.50 (plus another £2.30 shipping to Phuket). What makes this unusual — and potentially worth somewhat more than I paid for it — are the auxiliary markings: “Contrary to Regulations – 53” and a To Pay 1p handstamp. It … Continue reading Christmas Postcards: Shepton Mallet, England – “Contrary to Regulations”, 1909

PHQ Card – Royal Opera House

This British PHQ card – #43(c) – is from a set of five honoring various London landmarks and pictures the Royal Opera House.  The corresponding stamps, Scott #910-914, were released on 7 May 1980, perforated 14×14½ and printed in photogravure by The House Of Questa.  They were designed by Sir Hugh Casson, the well-known British architect, interior designer, artist, and writer.  He is particularly noted … Continue reading PHQ Card – Royal Opera House

PHQ Cards – British Cattle

I buy a fair number of stamps from dealers in the UK and occasionally one will use a PHQ card as an envelope-stiffener as most postal employees seem to ignore “Do Not Bend” notations.  What is a PHQ card, you ask?  Well, it stands for Postal Headquarters and the cards themselves are issued by Royal Mail to accompany most of Great Britain’s commemorative stamp releases.  … Continue reading PHQ Cards – British Cattle