Mark Jochim - Postcrossing Since July 2006

Postcrossing Since 2006

Mark Jochim - Postcrossing Since July 2006
Mark Jochim – Postcrossing from Phuket, Thailand since July 2006

I started this postcards only blog in early December 2014. In that time, I have posted 31 articles about postcards from Thailand. Yet, I still have quite a few Thai cards I haven’t yet written about. Some, like the one pictured above, are my own designs. I had a number of these printed by MOO Printing in England in 2016 and I enjoyed mailing them until I ran out. At some point, I will get more printed although I would prefer to find a local printer in order to save some money (MOO does great work, however, so it is worth the expense!).

As the card mentions, I have been a member of Postcrossing since July 2006 (signing-up at the beginning of that month when the site and project were still less than one year old). However, I have never been a heavy Postcrosser and I marvel at the total cards sent and received by some of my contemporaries. I mailed my first five cards of the year last week. I’ll probably send another five this week.

The Postcrossing Phuket card features a photograph of the original Phuket Town post office which is now one of nine (if my memory is correct) philatelic museums scattered throughout Thailand. I’ve blogged about it before highlighting four of my favorite postcard images of the building — cards created by Thailand Post and sold at the small sales counter inside. Well, when it’s open. Last summer, the roof collapsed during a particularly nasty monsoonal rainstorm. Reconstruction has proceeded at a rapid pace, however, and the Phuket Philatelic Museum is set to reopen towards the end of this month. I will take a few photos when it does for the “next generation” postcards.

Address side of the MOO-printed postcards I designed in 2016.
Address side of the MOO-printed postcards I designed in 2016.

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