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Finland Wrap-Up!

My top 10 countries for received postcards and purchased postcards are:

  1. Thailand
  2. United States
  3. Russia
  4. Cambodia
  5. Germany / Laos (tie)
  6. Finland
  7. United Kingdom
  8. China / Netherlands (tie)

If I count just postcards received through Postcrossing, Germany and Finland tie for first place. This isn’t a surprise because Finland was the birthplace of Postcrossing back in 2005. I joined less than a year after the project was launched and a total of nine cards arrived from that country in the first two months I was a member (compared with just two from Germany between July 2006 and the end of that year).

Three of these cards have yet to be featured on the blog (which, you may have noticed, has received a name-change today: from “The POSTCARD TRAVELER Blog” to “Postcards To Phuket”). For this post, I will illustrate the cards but without my usual detailed historical commentary…

Postcrossing ID #FI-2318606 arrived back in March 2015 after traveling 32 days to Phuket. A nice map card surrounded by iconic images, it was enclosed in an envelope containing a few stamps as a gift — a much-appreciated gesture and I believe the first time this happened to me. Perhaps even cooler was that the sender mailed the card from the “post office of Santa Claus” and the envelope bore a nice Arctic Circle cancellation. Nice!

The enclosed stamps:

While the previous postcard from Finland took just over one month, Postcrossing ID #FI-2465242 in August 2015 traveled to Phuket from Helsinki in just under two weeks. Quite speedier than I’m accustomed to down here! The postcard depicts three views of a (typical?) home in the country.

Amazingly, Postcrossing ID #FI-2918380 is the only Finish card that I have received so far in 2017! I simply haven’t been that active in the hobby this year but hope to change that very soon. The card journeyed to Phuket in a fairly average 20 days, arriving early this March. It is the latest in what has become a relatively frequent (but always unexpected) occurrence: postcard sent in an envelope with a small assortment of stamps. The Finish people are certainly generous (as are Germans and the Dutch, amongst others).

The postcard pictures the fortress of Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) which was built on six islands (Kustaanmiekka, Susisaari, Iso-Mustasaari, Pikku-Mustasaari, Länsi-Mustasaari and Långören) starting in 1748 as protection against Russian expansionism. To learn more, please see my previous blog about a Postcrossing meetup card I received in 2016 picturing the fortress.

The enclosed stamps:

How long will it be until another postcard from Finland arrives? I hope it will be soon….



I'm an American currently living and teaching English in Phuket, Thailand. I like to read, write, take photographs, and collect stamps. You can read about all of these things and more on my three blogs: Asian Meanderings, "Please, Mr. Postman!", Philatelic Pursuits, . Cheers!

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