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Heavy Postcarding

Upcoming Postcard Offers 001

I’m getting ready to send out nineteen cards later this week (and I may arrange a few more swaps before I get to the post office on Friday).  This is pretty heavy postcarding for me as I quickly get writer’s cramp these days – a sign of getting old?  My worst fear, besides contracting Alzheimer’s disease, is to become crippled with severe arthritis.  Oh, blindness is up there too.  I’m healthy so far, but I am getting older.

At any rate, I have some unusual destinations this time around including my first cards going to Iraq and Brazil.  I’m also waiting for an address in Trinidad and Tobago so that will be a first as well.  Other cards will be traveling to Belarus, China, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Pennsylvania in the U.S.A. Russia, Turkey, and Washington State in the U.S.A. The total distance these will journey is 79,693 miles (128,253 kilometers).  That’s 3.2 times around the Earth, or about a third of the way from the Earth to the Moon!

At current Thailand Post rates, these 19 cards will cost me 285 Thai baht in stamps, which translates to just a little over US $8.00 at the current exchange rates.  Thailand still has some of the most reasonable postcard rates in the world!

I have quite a backlog of cards received that haven’t been blogged about yet so I plan to get a few of those taken care of in the near future.  So much to do, so little time…


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