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Bermudan Lighthouse

Bermuda - Hamilton 2016-07-12-001A (r)

I recently received my first postcard from the North Atlantic island chain of Bermuda, sent by Carol who lives in Warwick Parish in the central-south of the main island.  The parish includes Christ Church, one of the world’s oldest Presbyterian churches outside of Europe. It was founded in 1719 and is part of the Church of Scotland.  Also nearby is Warwick Camp, established in the mid-nineteenth century as the rifle ranges and training area used by units of the Bermuda Garrison and currently the home of the Bermuda Regiment.

Gibbs Lighthouse pictured on the card is the taller of two lighthouses on Bermuda and one of the first lighthouses in the world to be made of cast-iron. At the time of its construction by the Royal Engineers in 1844 steel was not yet able to be bent. The optic consists of a Fresnel lens from 1904 revolving on steel bearings. However for most of its history, the lens revolved on a bed of 1,200 pounds of mercury. While it is not very tall in lighthouse standards, the hill that it stands on is one of the highest on the island. The light’s focal plane on Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, therefore, is at 354 feet (108 meters) above sea level. Airplanes can see its flashes from over 100 miles (160 km) away.  The lighthouse has 185 steps to the top in eight flights. Until 1964, most of the light was run by hand, but in June of that year, the whole system was automated and now it runs on electricity.  At the base of the tower is the Lighthouse Tea Room, a restaurant converted from the lighthouse keeper’s former living quarters, where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily.

Bermuda - Hamilton 2016-07-12-001B (r)

The postcard was mailed from Bermuda on 12 July 2016, receiving two Letters Mail Processing Center handstamps, and arrived here in Phuket on 27 July.  Fifteen days travel time is actually pretty good…



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