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Postcrossing Maxi-Cards from Russia

Russia - Postcrossing 2016 - Maxicard 001a

Postcrossing turned 11 years old this week (14th July) and I joined just shy of it’s first anniversary back on 1st July 2006.  Over the past few years, a number of countries have issued stamps with a Postcrossing theme.  The two most recent were Poland and Guernsey this past Thursday.  Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a single Postcrossing stamp on a Postcrossing postcard.  I have recently resorting to making the occasional purchase on eBay, preferably on first day covers or maxi-cards.

Russia - Postcrossing 2015 - Maxicard 002a

Russia has released Postcrossing stamps in each of the last two years and I recently bid on and won these three cards – the top one was released 25th March 2016 while the two bottom cards bear the stamp issued on 27th January 2015.  There are many, many more designs of these maxi-cards…

Russia - Postcrossing 2015 - Maxicard 001a

I hope to add more to my collection soon, but it would be so much nicer to receive one in the mail, written and stamped from the country of origin.  Can anybody help me out?


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