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Denmark: Ferry ‘Prins Joachim’

Scan_20150723 (17)

Although I was adopted as a baby, I am very proud of my adoptive family’s name and heritage.  The original spelling is Joachim; it’s been said that the “a” was dropped when my grandfather passed through Ellis Island when he emigrated from Germany (he had been born in Russia, however).  Recently, I’ve begun to collect stamps, postcards, etc. portraying our name in its various forms.  Sometimes, I stumble upon new items to add to this collection such as a lot of postmarked “posted on board” postcards from various Danish ferries.  I’ll blog about the others soon but, of course, I wanted to start with two cards picturing the M/F Prins Joachim, named after Prince Joachim of Denmark.

The motor ferry is shown here in its original DSBDanske Statsbaner (Danish State Railways) – livery; in 1995 the shipping division of DSB split off into a separate, state-owned company, DSB Rederi A/S, which was renamed Scandlines Danmark A/S in 1997.  The Prins Joachim was built at Nakskov Skibsværft, Denmark, in 1980 and received refurbishments in 2000 and 2004.  Weighing in at 16,071 gross tons, she measures 152 meters in length and a breadth of 23.7 meters with a capacity of 977 passengers and 210 cars.  Currently travelling the Rostock-Gedser route with a service speed of 21 knots, she is registered in Korsør, Denmark, but flies the German flag.

Scan_20150723 (19)

I have two cards from the Prins Joachim – both with the same picture but mailed on different voyages.

Scan_20150723 (22)


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