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Thailand: “I am a fan!”


Today was yet another cool, windy and rainy day here in Phuket, Thailand.  The kind of day when it’s best to just stay indoors and try to hide from the annual monsoon.  However, I had to work and entered the lobby of my guesthouse late in the afternoon worn out and wet.  I was immediately cheered by noticing my mail on the reception desk on the other side of the room; the staff has taken to propping my mail against one of the pillars to display the colorful cards and stamps I receive on an almost daily basis.  On a day I needed a bit of cheering up, this is the mail that I saw first:

“Keep blogging!  I am a fan.”

A simple message, but one that means a lot to me.  This is the first fan mail I’ve ever received and so will occupy a special place in my collection.  It was obviously posted by a Thai reader – unfortunately, I cannot read the originating city in the postmark.  Thank you very much, Jobbo.


The card itself was issued in 2011, the 13th in a series of 48 “rare images” cards in conjunction with the first Tri-Nations Stamp Exhibition held that October in Bangkok.  The vintage photograph of seven smartly-attired young Thai women gathered around a painting of a sailboat is intriguing.  Who were they?  Members of the royal family perhaps.  The postcard side features a reproduction of one of the local stamps issued in the early twentieth century by the Siamese version of Scouts.  Jobbo chose two nice stamps to send the card on its brief journey to Phuket – Scott #1037 picturing the Prince Bhanurangsi memorial statue was released on 4 August 1983 and Scott #1739 was issued on 10 June 1997 to mark the 100th anniversary of motion pictures in the Kingdom.  The chap on the right is Prince Sanbassatra – the founder of Thai cinema – and not King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) as I first assumed.

I am now thoroughly cheered up.  Even if the rains continue all night, my spirit won’t be dampened.  Thanks again, Jobbo!


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