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Thailand – King Rama IX’s 72nd Birthday

Scan_20141225 (46)

HRH King Bhumiphol Adulyadej, known in the West as Rama IX, is much revered by Thai people and I join all those in the Kingdom in praying for him as he was admitted to the hospital this past Friday, 29th May.

During 1999, Thailand released a total of twenty-five stamps and four souvenir sheets marking the 72nd birthday of His Majesty.  Series 2, released on 10 September 1999 (Scott #1892-1900), featured three stamps each in 3-baht, 6-baht and 12-baht denominations picturing several images of his early life.  One of my first purchases at the Phuket Philatelic Museum was this set of maximum cards issued by the Communications Authority of Thailand (forerunner to Thailand Post).

The first stamp, Scott 1892 pictured above, shows King Bhumiphol on his father’s knee.

Scan_20141225 (48)

Scott 1893, King Bhumiphol with his mother, sister and brother.

Scan_20141225 (49)

Scott 1894, King Bhumiphol with his brother, in suits.

Scan_20141225 (50)

Scott 1895, King Bhumiphol with his brother, in military uniforms.

Scan_20141225 (51)

Scott 1896, King Bhumiphol with his wife on their wedding day.

Scan_20141225 (53)

Scott 1897, King Bhumiphol at his coronation ceremony

Scan_20141225 (52)

Scott 1898, King Bhumiphol as Buddhist monk.

Scan_20141225 (54)

Scott 1899, King Bhumiphol with Queen, Prince and Princesses.

Scan_20141225 (55)

Scott 1900, King Bhumiphol wearing royal robe.

Scan_20141225 (47)

Scan_20141216 (31)


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