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PHQ Card – Little Russel, Guernsey


The postal administrations of many countries issue postcards portraying various stamp issues.  For the sake of uniformity, I will call them all PHQ cards after those released by Royal Post in Great Britain.  This one comes from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, an area I’ve long been interested in.  I first start collecting the stamps of nearby Jersey in 1979 when I began a correspondence with an author of ocean liner reference books who lived on the island.  Recently, I’ve become fascinated by the stamps issued during the World War II German occupation of both Jersey and Guernsey.  May 9th of this year marks the 70th anniversary of the islands’ liberation from the Nazis.  Fellow members of Postcrossing will recall that Guernsey issued a stamp last year honoring the postcard exchange site.

This card (numbered 8A) was released by Guernsey Post in February 1988 and pictures the 5p value of a set of twenty definitive stamps originally issued in 1984 and 1985.  Printed in lithography and perforated 14½x15, it was released on 23 July 1985 and is number 287 in the Scott catalogue.  I originally thought “Little Russel” referred to either the cruise ship (although it looks very similar to the Royal Viking Sky to me) or the sail boat.  Wikipedia to the rescue, once again!  Little Roussel is actually the channel running between the isle of Herm and the larger island of Guernsey.  The main harbors of both islands face into this channel which has many small rocks and islets.



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