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DE-3930797: Hamburg, Germany/RMS Queen Mary 2

Postcrossing - White bg

Scan_20150228 (17)

Postcrossing ID:  DE-3930797
Date Sent:  4 February 2015
Date Received:  28 February 2015
Days Travelled:  24
Distance Travelled:  9,364 km

It isn’t often that I receive Postcrossing cards portraying ships but when I do they seem extra-special, particularly when it’s a ship that I am already familiar with.  This card from Hamburg, Germany, pictures the Cunard Line’s RMS Queen Mary 2, probably during her maiden arrival in the port.  The ocean liner entered service in January 2004, replacing the company’s famed Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2); she was actually the first major ocean liner constructed since the QE2 entered service back in 1969.  At the time of her construction in France, the Queen Mary 2 was the longest passenger ship ever built (1,132 feet, or 345 meters) and with her gross tonnage of 148,528 also the largest.

Scan_20150228 (18)

In the past twelve years, there have been a number of stamps issued portraying the QM2 and I’ve begun to acquire a few, such as the one below on a nice cover from France.

Scan_20150308 (27)

The ship has even visited Phuket at least twice since I’ve lived here, both times during her annual cruise around the world,  This year, she moored in the bay off of Patong – a popular tourist destination on the west coast of the island – rather than the usual Port of Phuket on the southeastern Cape Panwa.  I ventured out to see her but her position in the northern reaches of the bay made photography difficult.





Photos by Mark Jochim at Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand 10 February 2015


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