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CN-1505235: Huzhou Zhejiang, China

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Postcrossing ID: CN-1505235
Date Sent: 18 December 2014
Date Received: 10 February 2015
Days Travelled:  54
Distance Travelled:  3,406 km 

We are back to “the present” as I have now finished write-ups of all of my pre-blog Postcrossing cards.  (Don’t worry, I still have a number of non-Postcrossing and self-purchased postcards to write about!)  Unfortunately, the mail service is still slow with this card from China taking almost two months to travel 3400 kilometers.  Another card received the same day took just as long to travel more than 16,000 kilometers!

User “ThreeWater” lives in Huzhou, a large city of almost three million people in northern Zhejiang Province, China.  It lies to the west of Shanghai in the Yangtze River delta and is the headquarters of the 1st Group Army of the People’s Liberation Army responsible for the defense of China’s eastern coast and “the recovery” of Taiwan.

The postcard itself (along with still-attached tab) advertises “Ashes of Time”, a 1994 Hong Kong movie written and directed by Wong Kar-wai.

Scan_20150215 (3)


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