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CA-379943: Olde Sandwich Towne, Ontario Canada

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Postcrossing ID: CA-379943
Date Sent: 8 October 2013
Date Received: 13 November 2013
Days Travelled:  36
Distance Travelled:  14,445 km 

Until recently, this card from Canada held the record for the farthest-travelled card I’d received through Postcrossing.  A part of the city of Windsor since 1935, Old Sandwich Town was established in 1797 and is considered one of the oldest, most historically significant settlements in the province of Ontario.  Fifty years earlier, the first Jesuit mission in all of Upper Canada had been set up in the area.  The town of Sandwich was formed as a result of Detroit’s independence from Great Britain and a mass movement of Loyalists south of the Detroit River.   The Battle of Windsor in December 1838 confirmed suspicions of an American invasion when hundreds of “Patriots” stormed the Canadian frontier until they were stopped by the militia in Sandwich.

Today, Old Sandwich Town is home to some of Ontario’s oldest and most historically important buildings such as Mackenzie Hall and the oldest structure in Ontario, the Duff-Baby Mansion.  The second Prime Minister of Canada, Alexander Mackenzie lived here as did Henry Bibb, a fugitive slave who started the first Afro-Canadian newspaper.  Thousands of freed and fugitive slaves settled in the surrounding area, taking refuge from slavery in the United States.

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