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AU-312876: Hay, NSW Australia

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Scan_20150131 (51)

Postcrossing ID: AU-312876
Date Sent: 8 October 2013
Date Received: 21 October 2013
Days Travelled:  13
Distance Travelled:  6,994 km 

This lovely card from a Postcrossing user in Melbourne, Australia, was my very first maximum card – a postcard with a matching or related stamp placed on the picture side.  This particular card features the railway station at Hay in New South Wales and is postmarked on the first day of issue.  The community had its beginnings as a river-crossing in the 1830s and today it’s an important transportation hub.  A new railway line connecting Hay directly to Sydney was opened in July 1882 and this was when the railway station pictured on the card was constructed.

Scan_20150131 (52)-edit


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