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CN-1043662: Wuhan, China

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Postcrossing ID: CN-1043662
Date Sent: 22 August 2013
Date Received: 19 September 2013
Days Travelled:  28
Distance Travelled:  3,010 km 

Wuhan is the most populous city of Central China and the capital of Hubei province.  It once consisted of three separate cities – Hanyang, Hankou and Wuchang.  Hanyang was a busy port some three thousand years ago during the Han Dynasty.  Yellow Crane Tower was first built in 223 BCE and gained fame through the poetry of Cui Hao.  The city is perhaps most famous for its pivotal role in the formation of modern China. On 10 October 1911, the Wuchang Uprising led by Sun Yat-Sen took place sparking the Xinhai Revolution throughout the nation which resulted in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty (China’s last) and the formation of the Republic of China.

In 1927, Hanyang, Hankou, and Wuchang were united to form the city of Wuhan. The city fell under siege by the Japanese during World War II and was liberated in 1949. With the opening of China, Wuhan was reopened in 1992 for the first time since the revolution. Today, Wuhan is one of China’s largest cities and remains an important center of commerce. While many visitors overlook Wuhan as just another city, beneath its industrial exterior a rewarding tapestry of history and cultural arts awaits.

Oddly, the card I received under-cover from Wuhan, pictures a lovely village along the coastline of Greece.  I’m not certain which town it depicts so I couldn’t look it up on Wikipedia

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