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KR-74605: Busan, South Korea

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Postcrossing ID: KR-74605
Date Sent: 11 August 2013
Date Received: 4 September 2013
Days Travelled:  23
Distance Travelled:  4,341 km 

My first Postcrossing card from South Korea and my first handmade postcard, this was sent by a nursing student in the city of Busan, Latinized as Pusan prior to 2000.  The nation’s largest post (and the fifth busiest in the world by cargo tonnage), Busan is South Korea’s second largest city after Seoul.  A chiefdom existed in the area as early as the third century.  It was designated by the Korean government as a Japanese trading port at the beginning of the 15th century and allowed their settlement there.  This continued to exist until the international port was established at Busan in 1876.  It was one of the few areas to remain under South Korean control during the Korean War and became a major center for refugees.  Today, transportation and shipping make up the bulk of the local economy.

Scan_20150131 (35)


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