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RU-862640: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

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Postcrossing ID: RU-862640
Date Sent: 19 March 2012
Date Received: 18 April 2012
Days Travelled:  30
Distance Travelled:  5,361 km 

I sent my first Postcrossing card on 1 July 2006; between then and 5 August, I mailed a total of eleven postcards and then three more in early December.  Between 26 July and 22 September 2006, I received nineteen cards.  One more arrived in December, after having travelled since the end of August taking 111 days to make it from Moscow to Phuket.  Life intruded and I didn’t take another stab at Postcrossing for about five-and-a-half years.

That was even more short-lived; I sent out four postcards between 29 February and 5 March 2012 and only received one in return – this card from remote Krasnoyarsk in Siberia.  It was relatively speedy compared to my previous Russian card, travelling a mere month.

Krasnoyarsk is the geographic center of Russia and is not far from the site of the Tunguska meteorite.  It’s an important junction on the Trans-Siberian Railway and is well-known for it’s nature landscapes.  Indeed, author Anton Chekov deemed it the “most beautiful city in Siberia.”  It was founded on 29 August 1628 as a Russian fort called Krasny Yar which means “red steep riverbank” in the local Yarin dialect.

It was given town status in 1822 and achieved its current name.  In the 19th century, Krasnoyarsk was the center of the Siberian Cossack movement and grew following the discovery of gold and the arrival of the railroad in 1895.  It also became one of the places that the Russian Empire banished its political exiles.  In Stalinist times, the city was a major center of the gulag system.  Dozens of factories were moved here from the Ukraine and Western Russia during World War II, stimulating its economic growth. Currently, Krasnoyarsk is one of Russia’s largest producers of aluminum.

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