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Thailand – The GPO’s Sculptures Postcard Collection

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In August 2013, Thailand Post commemorated the 130th anniversary of the kingdom’s first postage stamps with several new stamp releases as well as a international philatelic exhibition in Bangkok called Thailand 2013.  The century-old General Post Office in the capitol had recently been restored (and postal operations within had ceased around the same time) so one of the stamp sets issued on the 4th of August featured this beautiful building.  The three stamps and souvenir sheet featured the Garuda which appears over the main entrance as well as bas-relief sculptures of some of the classic stamps of Thailand (or Siam, as it was then called), embossed with striking gold foil.  While not nearly as striking as the stamps, a set of postcards was issued at the same time featuring the stamp sculptures.

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Attention to detail was carried to the address side as well, utilizing an late-nineteenth century design motif.  As usual with Thailand Post products, they make me wish I could read Thai as I am certain the captions provide some interesting information!

Scan_20141220 (29)

This card features the Kingdom of Siam’s first general issue postage stamp, issued on 4 August 1883.  I happen to have two of the actual stamp in my collection – one used, the other mint with some albeit cracked original gum.

Scan_20141220 (30)

The reverse of the cards feature the legend “Philatelic Museum” which, I believe, references the old museum which once resided in the GPO.  It has since been moved to the new San Saen branch post office.  I do hope to visit Bangkok later this year during which I hope to track down the museum and any remaining stamp shops.  There used to be a weekend stamp market behind the GPO but I don’t believe that exists anymore.

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