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DE-32924: Ulm, Germany

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Postcrossing ID: DE-32924
Date Sent: 28 August 2006
Date Received: 22 September 2006
Days Travelled:  25
Distance Travelled:  9,238 km 

Ulm is a city of 120,000 people in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.  The birthplace of Albert Einstein, Ulm was founded around 850 and became an Imperial City in the twelfth century.  Ulm Minster, under construction starting in 1377 and finally completed in 1891, is famous for having the world;s highest church steeple at 161.53 meters (529.95 feet) high containing 768 steps.  The final portion of the stairwell to the top is a tall, spiraling staircase that has barely enough room for one person.  During World War II, a devastating air raid hit Ulm on 17 December 1944 which destroyed virtually the entire town west of the church to the railway station and north of the church up to the outskirts.  The church itself was barely damaged.

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