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DK-941: Christianhavn, Denmark

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Postcrossing ID: DK-941
Date Sent: 22 July 2006
Date Received: 22 September 2006
Days Travelled:  62
Distance Travelled:  9,179 km 

My 18th Postcrossing card received in 2006 took a dismally slow two months to travel between Denmark and Phuket, Thailand.  But it wouldn’t hold the record for slowest card for very long…

Christianhavn is a neighborhood of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.  It was founded in the early 17th century by Christian IV as part of his extension of the city’s fortifications and was laid out as an independent privileged merchant’s town inspired by Dutch cities.  It was soon incorporated into Copenhagen proper.  Dominated by canals, it is the part of Copenhagen with the most nautical atmosphere and is now a fashionable, diverse and lively part of the city with its own distinctive personality.

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