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Phuket Town, Thailand – Rang Hill View Point

Scan_20150123 (2)

Phuket Town is located in the south-eastern portion of the island and houses many government offices, including Provincial Hall which was featured in the movie The Killing Fields sometime back, standing-in for the French embassy in Phnom Penh.  In fact, a number of  movies have been filmed here, most notably The Beach starring Leonardo di Caprio which had our very first hotel being passed off as backpacker enclave in Bangkok’s Khao San Road.

To the north of downtown are several large hills including Rang Hill on top of which the photo pictured on this postcard was taken.  I think it’s a fairly old photo as I can’t spot the building that I live in or the 17-story condo which was built a short distance away several years ago.  There are several winding roads leading to the summit, passing by at least two Buddhist temples and a fitness park along the way.  Several nice restaurants reward those who make it to the top along with viewing platforms.  There’s even a statue of Phuket’s first governor amongst the trees.  But watch out if you have food as there are plenty of monkeys around who will be happy to steal it from you!


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