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FI-60364: Ylivieska, Finland

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Postcrossing ID: FI-60364
Date Sent: 29 August 2006
Date Received: 13 September 2006
Days Travelled:  15
Distance Travelled:  8,442 km 

Ylivieska is a town in the Northern Ostrobothnia region of Finland with a population of almost 15,000.  It serves as the administrative centre for Kalajokilaakso and Pyhäjokilaakso.  The town is situated along the Ostrobothnia railway, which leads from Helsinki to Rovaniemi in the north of the country. The railway was opened in 1886 and it has had a significant role in the town’s economical development.  Agriculture and animal husbandry, mainly milking cows, used to be the main sources of livelihood in Ylivieska but industry has taken over in recent years and the town is also an important regional center for the selling of cars.

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