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FI-57333: Kurikka, Finland

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Postcrossing ID: FI-57333
Date Sent: 28 August 2006
Date Received: 6 September 2006
Days Travelled:  9
Distance Travelled:  8,351 km 

Kurikka is a small city of 14,000 in the western portion of Finland.  Unfortunately, the only websites I could find giving information about the town are in either Swedish or Finnish so I can’t read them!  It is a lovely card, however, showing local views of the church, a marketplace and the Kyronjoki River.

Scan_20141226 (13)


One thought on “FI-57333: Kurikka, Finland

  1. Kurikka is one of those nice places in Finland where are Poor-man statues. The link which I give presents four small places in Finland with their Poor-man statues. Kurikka is the last one. It is high time to learn about our history / culture in Finland thru Poor-man statues.

    Poor-man statues3.

    Have a nice day:


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