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DE-32351: Dortmund, Germany

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Scan_20141226 (10)

Postcrossing ID: DE-32351
Date Sent: 24 August 2006
Date Received: 6 September 2006
Days Travelled:  13
Distance Travelled:  9,345 km 

This was the tenth card I received through Postcrossing back in the summer of 2006 and it was my first postcard from GermanyDortmund is Germany’s eighth largest city with a population of 576,000 and is linked to the North Sea by a canal, making it Europe’s largest canal port.  The community was first mentioned in official documents in 882 as Throtmanni.  It was rebuilt in 1152 after having been destroyed by a fire and was the chief city of the Rhine throughout the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.  By the late nineteenth century it had become a major center for coal and steel.  Sixty-six percent of Dortmund’s homes and 98% of the city center were destroyed during World War II.

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