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PL-994662: Kraków, Poland

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Postcrossing ID: PL-994662
Date Sent: 21 December 2014
Date Received: 8 January 2015
Days Travelled:  18
Distance Travelled:  8,339 km 

This beautiful card took three weeks to travel from Kraków, Poland’s second largest city, to Phuket.  This ancient place dates from the seventh century and is full of history, glorious architecture and culture.  Kraków’s historic center, which includes the Old Town, Kazimierz and the Wawel Castle, was included as the first of its kind on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1978, one of thirteen places in Poland that have been inscribed on UNESCO’s list.  For many centuries, Kraków was the royal capital of Poland, until Sigismund III Vasa relocated the court to Warsaw in 1596. The whole district is bisected by the Royal Road, the coronation route traversed by the Kings of Poland. The architectural design of the Old Town has survived all past cataclysms and retained its original form since medieval times. It’s home to about six thousand historic sites and more than two million works of art.  It also includes Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings.

I was really impressed by the amount of information Natalia wrote on this card.  If only I could write that small!

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