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Kotor, Montenegro

Scan_20141221 (12)

My little sister is becoming even more of a world traveller than myself.  This summer, she and her husband and son cruised the eastern Mediterranean including Italy and Greece.  Along the way, she sent several postcards of which only two – one from the Vatican City and one from Athens – actually made it to Thailand (and I’ve misplaced the Vatican card).  She included this unused card picturing Perast in Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor in a package of other items which arrived this year on Christmas Day.  Montenegro seems to becoming quite the tourist destination and, of course, was once part of Yugoslavia.  In fact, it’s only been an independent nation since June 2006.  Prior to 1918 and going back to at least the ninth century, the region had been under control of a multitude of different empires.  Currently, the nation has four national languages – Serbian, Bosnian, Russian, and Croatian.


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