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GB-11212: Glasgow, Scotland

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Scan_20141216 (8)

Postcrossing ID: GB-11212
Date Sent: 31 July 2006
Date Received: 10 August 2006
Days Travelled:  10
Distance Travelled:  10,065 km 

My first non-Scandinavian postcard received through Postcrossing was my fifth card overall, hailing from Scotland’s largest city Glasgow.  The area has been used for settlement since prehistoric times, being the farthest downstream fording point of the River Clyde.  Growing from a tiny rural settlement into one of Britain’s largest seaports, Glasgow today is one of Europe’s top ten financial centers.  The postcard pictures George Square, laid out by King George III in 1781 and is the headquarters of the Glasgow Civic Council.  The square features numerous statues and monuments including those dedicated to Robert Burns, James Watt and Sir Walter Scott.

Scan_20141216 (9)


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