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FI-45906: Helsinki, Finland

Scan_20141221 (5)

Postcrossing ID: FI-45906
Date Sent: 26 July 2006
Date Received: 7 August 2006
Days Travelled:  12
Distance Travelled:  8,338 km 

Scandinavia is very well-represented in my first few Postcrossing cards I received back in 2006.  Card number four came from Helsinki, the beautiful capital city of Finland.  It’s actually a fairly young municipality for the region, having been established as a trading town in 1550.  It wasn’t until Russia defeated Sweden in the Finnish War of 1809 that the town began to grow into a substantial settlement.  Czar Alexander I of Russia moved the Finnish capital from Turku to Helsinki in 1812 to reduce Swedish influence in Finland and bring the capital closer to St. Petersburg.  Only eight Jews in Finland were deported to Auschwitz during World War II.  Today, Helsinki is Finland’s major political, educational, financial, cultural and research center as well as one of northern Europe’s major cities.

Scan_20141221 (6)

I love the stamp on this postcard.  Notice how the Finnish flag extends out from the lower left corner.


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