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NL-15416: Houten, Netherlands

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Postcrossing ID: NL-15416
Date Sent: 11 July 2006
Date Received: 26 July 2006
Days Travelled:  15
Distance Travelled:  9,469 km 

This colorful mapcard of Houten in The Netherlands was my first ever card received through Postcrossing, more than eight-and-a-half years ago.  It took just over two weeks to reach me here in southern Thailand which is actually fairly quick.  Houten is a commuter town whose town center has the remains of an old Roman villa.  It’s just nine kilometers away from Utrecht, a town I’m very familiar with through following concerts by my favorite band, Maillion.  Check out that relatively low ID number of 15416. The most recent card I received from Holland (in September 2013) was numbered over two million!  By contrast, the first card I sent from Thailand had the number TH-69 and the most recent was TH-186079.

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