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Thailand – Classic Post Boxes


While visiting the Phuket Philatelic Museum last week, I bought several packages of postcards issued by Thailand Post, including a set of seven picturing the evolution of the post box in Thailand.  The first, shown below, illustrates the first design which was first put into use in 1883 – the same year that the nation released its first postage stamps.  The first general post office in Bangkok is in the background.

Scan_20141220 (4)

Scan_20141220 (6)

Design 2 (above) was put into service in 1911.

Scan_20141220 (8)

This third pillar box design was initiated in 1926.

Scan_20141220 (10)

Design 4 first saw service in 1953.

Scan_20141220 (12)

Scan_20141220 (14)

These final two designs were both put into use in 1973.  There are many of Design 6 all around Phuket, plus one or two additional designs.

Scan_20141220 (2)

Scan_20141220 (3)


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