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Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico U.S.A.

A1-006 - USA-New Mexico-Acoma Pueblo[600dpi]

Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico

Oldest continuously inhabited Pueblo in U.S.A. 60 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Photo by Lee Marmon

An hour outside of Albuquerque, visiting Acoma Pueblo is akin to stepping back in time.  The main pueblo – and visitor’s center – lies to the the north of Interstate 40 but the traditional home to the Acoma people sits high atop a mesa to the south.  Known as “Sky City”, there are just a few full-time residents remaining to secure its title as the oldest continuously-inhabited Native American pueblo in the United States.  In order to visit, one must secure permission at the visitor’s center and pay a photography fee.  Visitors then climb into the back of a truck for the VERY STEEP ride to the top; they have the option of riding or walking (climbing) back town.  During my visit in the late 1990’s, I opted for the latter and it was tough-going to say the least!


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