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Laos – Hill Tribe Women

Postcards-Laos 005

As a former anthropology major, I’m fascinated by the hill tribes of northwestern Thailand.  These ethnic groups extend into Myanmar and Laos.  I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to visit any of their villages during my 2010 trip trip to the country but part of the beauty of living where I do is that I can easily (and cheaply) return.  Having the free time available to travel is the only real factor involved.  The card above pictures Kho Nugui women in Phongsaly, northern Laos, while Iko women are shown on the postcard below.

Postcards-Laos 015

WARNING!  The card after the break is of a slightly risqué nature (hence the need for a page break) and pictures an Iko woman from northern Laos with a pair of young coconuts…

Postcards-Laos 014


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