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San Francisco, California U.S.A.

Postcards-USA(CA) 003

My favorite city in America is San Francisco.  My first visit was probably on a family visit circa 1969!  My first solo visit was almost thirty years later when I participated in the Pacific ‘97 World Stamp Exposition at the height of my philatelic pursuits.  I have very fond memories of exploring (and eating my way through) this lovely city by the Bay.  My favorite trips were probably when we stayed with my Grandmother Jochim in Menlo Park.  My dad’s brother lived on the other side of the bay in Walnut Creek; he had a swimming pool so this was a popular destination as well.  Sadly, the last time I stopped in San Francisco was on my way from London to Beijing during the SARS pandemic of 2003.  I met my Aunt Edwina for lunch at the airport and found time to pick up this card, picturing the grand Golden Gate Bridge.  I WILL return…someday.

Postcards-USA(CA) 004


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