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Laos: The Land Of A Million Elephants

Postcards-Laos 001

In April 2006, I journeyed north for a weeklong visit to Laos.  A co-worker and I flew from Phuket to Udon Thani, Thailand and from there made our way via a couple of ancient buses and a mini-van which came close to hitting a baby elephant all the way to Luang Prabang.  Along the way, we overnighted in Vang Vieng on the eve of the Lao (and Thai) New Year. 

During the trip, I purchased twenty postcards, including five that I mailed back to myself along the way.  None of those mailed cards have ever arrived!  Grrr!  I also managed to lose my camera at the train station near Surat Thani on the way home, the memory card in which contained the lion’s share of my trip photos!  Double Grrr! 

Postcards-Laos 018

I particularly like this map (and flag) card which also shows three hill-tribe ladies (from top to bottom: Iko, Ho and Yao), the Plain of Jars (which I want to see on my next visit), and three temples (left to right: Vat Xieng Thong, Vat Sisaket and Vat That Luang).

On our way back to Thailand, we managed a couple of hours in Vientiane and, as we boarded the bus that would take us back across the Friendship Bridge into Thailand, I noticed a stamp shop across the street.  There was no time to check it out at the time so I’ll need to go back if only for that.  Well, I do want to return for many reasons other than those purely philatelic.

I’m starting to plan my mid-April trip for 2015.  This falls during Songkran – Thai New Year – and I usually have enough time off from work for travel, not to mention many of my private students cancel lessons during this time as they want to return to their homes.  Laos is definitely in the short-list (other possibilities include a return visit to Cambodia or a first-time journey to Vietnam).  Wherever I go, you can be certain postcards will be on my agenda!


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