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Norwich, Connecticut U.S.A.

Postcards-USA(CT) 001


I was a member of Postcrossing for a brief period of time in 2006 and 2007, sending and receiving a dozen or so cards during this time.  Work and other commitments began to intrude on this any my stamp collecting activities so I put both aside.  It wasn’t until 2012 that I started to collect stamps and dabble in postcards once again.  When I tried to find my old Postcrossing account, I couldn’t remember the password (I’ve always been bad at writing this sort of thing down!).  I ended up rejoining Postcrossing in July of 2013 but am still not as active as I’d like to be.  I hope that starting this blog will help motivate me to participate more often!

One of the earliest cards I received during my first foray into Postcrossing was this nice viewcard sent by Theresa in Norwich, Connecticut, postmarked 24 August 2006.  When I lived in the United States, the area known as New England was one of the few locales I never had a chance to visit.  The closest I ever came to Connecticut were the numerous visits to relatives in the Atlantic City, New Jersey, area; one trip to Asbury Park for a Bruce Springsteen Christmas show; and two days in Manhattan following a trip to London.  I would love to visit Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts someday due to their long and interesting history.

Norwich was founded in 1659 when settlers from another town purchased land from the chief of the Mohegan tribe.  In the nineteenth century, the town was an important manufacturing hub due to having many large mills.  Three rivers – the Yantic, the Shetucket and the Quinebaug (love those Native American names!) – flow into the city and form its harbor, from which the Thames River flows south to Long Island Sound.  Norwich’s nickname is “The Rose of New England” and it has a population of 40,500.

The card shows views of the Soldier’s Memorial Statue at Chelsea Parade, the marina at American Wharf and the City Hall.

Postcards-USA(CT) 002-obscured


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