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Singapore – Orchard Road

Postcards-Singapore 001

In late October 2006, I journeyed to Singapore for the first — and, hopefully, not last — time in order to obtain my Non-Immigrant (O Category) visa from the Royal Thai Embassy there. This is the so-called “marriage visa”. Yes, I had gotten married to a Thai woman a couple of months prior to the trip. Unfortunately, the postcards I mailed to myself during our stay in Singapore have lasted much longer than the marriage did! What I remember most about the trip was that it was my bride’s first-ever time flying in an airplane, the cleanliness of the city, and how expensive everything was. Oh, and the many signs prohibiting one from doing things like chewing gum, riding bicycles, or carrying durian!

Since the embassy is located along Orchard Road, we spent a lot of time walking along it.  My wife kept looking for Thai restaurants and then complaining when the food wasn’t spicy enough.  We were there for Halloween and I was amused to see so many people wearing costumes.  This was another first for my wife; she was a true up-country village girl and had never seen “ghosts” on the street which initially frightened her greatly.  The majority of Thai people do believe in ghosts!

Postcards-Singapore 002


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